For the first time in many years, Sports Illustrated was released without a caption. The reason is Tiger Woods.

A superb American publication of Sports Illustrated for the first time for a long year without a record on the library. In addition to the standard information on the number and name of the publication, the software contains only a color .

Water became the winner of the “Pasteres” tour in the plant. It was the first time that the Pasteres series was played for 14 years, before the start of the game, this was a success in 2005.

Last week of “Medor” Water played 3955 days ago – at US Open-2008.

The 15-speed driver of the “engines” in the last year has been treated for many years, and we have seen a list of problems.

Based on the Sports Illustrated history, it was counted on a per-page basis, without a reference to the library. One of the most important steel numbers from March 3, 1980, when you picked it up for the heat of the pump. Aside from the record, the issue of August 21, 1995 appeared, when the legendary trouble of Rikki Pantel came to life.