Winter game in style: the perfect golf clothing – part 2

Functional for the fairway

In the second part of our large overview of golf clothing in the cold season, we present the latest outfits for women and men. And because there is often a lot of “technical jargon” in the manufacturer's product descriptions, we also explain the most important terms.

The right golf clothing makes it possible to play more often and also to enjoy it under supposedly uncomfortable, rough or even extreme conditions. And so it can help to extend your golf season. No wonder, therefore, if, according to a survey by the Swedish functional specialist Galvin Green, 57 percent of all devoted golfers (“serious golfers”) consider golf clothing to be an essential part of their equipment that increases performance and the fun of the game.

Why the right golf clothing is so important

The main reasons given for the growing importance of golf clothing are that “waterproof and windproof protection is becoming increasingly important” (80%), “new fabric technologies are more comfortable and breathable” (76%) and “performance can be improved with complementary layers «(54%). Respondents are also aware that “the look of it all adds to the feel-good factor” (49%) and “the lightness of modern clothing means you can carry more options” (47%).

So many golfers know about the value of functional outfits for the fairway – but do they also know what is behind the manufacturer's product descriptions? Anyone who has read the first part of our large overview for the current autumn-winter season (GM 12/20) will have come across a lot of textile “technical jargon”: base, mid and outer layers, breathability, moisture permeability, Membrane, soft shell, onion system …

Textile terms

Yes, the features of the garments that make playing golf easier and more comfortable in cold, wet and windy conditions are sometimes reminiscent of a technical dictionary. But that is not surprising, nor is it due to the “marketing jargon” that is so popular in golf. Because golf clothing for the cold season is a highly technical product. Here are some important technical terms:

* Breathability: It describes the moisture transport or the water vapor permeability of a material from the inside to the outside. The higher the measured value MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) determined in laboratory tests, the greater the breathability.

* Lining: English term for the lining of a piece of clothing. The mesh-like or grid-like mesh inserts, which are used for ventilation, are also used here.

* Membrane: The membranes called moisture barrier membranes in textile German (e.g. Gore-Tex, Sympatex) are extremely thin and ensure that sweat is transported to the outside, but no water can penetrate inside. For this purpose, the membrane is laminated (glued) to the outer fabric, the lining or in between. The garments equipped with it are breathable, hard-wearing, wind- and waterproof.

* Seam sealing: In rain jackets and trousers, water can penetrate through the seams, which is why they must be sealed. They are glued or welded with a foil tape.

* Soft-Shell: These very light garments combine the functions of the outer and middle layer and thus represent a kind of compromise solution. Like fleece, soft-shells can be air-permeable and warm, but depending on the material and processing, they can also be windproof and resistant.

* Water column: Unit of measure for the water resistance of functional and rainwear. For golf jackets and trousers, membranes with a water column of 10,000 to 30,000 mm are usually used.

The different layers

* Base layer: This base layer or sweat transport layer is the first of the three layers of clothing in the onion system. The underwear should draw sweat away from the body and is therefore ideally close to the skin. Base layers are therefore mostly made of polyester or polypropylene, but fine merino wool has also recently made a comeback.

* Mid-Layer: The name already gives it away – this insulation or warmth layer is the middle onion skin. Depending on the temperature (sensitivity), one or more layers are worn here that can store body heat, i.e. sweaters, fleece or woolen jackets, etc.

* Outer layer: The outer or top layer is responsible for weather protection in the onion system. In golf clothing, it should be breathable, keep the wind out and at least be water-repellent. The rain suit must of course be waterproof (!), For which the manufacturers use different membranes and often an additional impregnation.

Winter golf clothing: the products

Adidas – women

Athletic and figure-hugging

Tight (leggings) and jacket from the Cold.Rdy series ensure unrestricted freedom of movement thanks to the stretch-like material and figure-hugging fit. The insulating material stores heat and feels dry to wear. The full-zip jacket has a protective stand-up collar.

Price: 68.19 euros (leggings), 97.43 euros (jacket)

Alberto Pants – Women

Color and function

The breathable, water-repellent and quick-drying tech pants with the Revolutional material are available in various cuts for women and men. With their high-performance bi-stretch jersey qualities, they not only guarantee optimal freedom of movement. They are also equipped with comprehensive UV protection. The Mona women's trousers have a slim cut and offer an optimal fit.

Price: 159.95 euros

Bogner – gentlemen

Key piece for the square

With the Corrado hybrid jacket, Bogner presents a key piece in the outdoor area: the jacket impresses with its combination of innovative power stretch and padded sections. A reinforced stand-up collar and practical zip pockets complement the functional design, while the perforated flames on the back add a brand-true accent.

Price: 349 euros

Cross – D / H

Water on!

The Edge rain jacket from the Swedes (available for women and men with a water column of 30,000 mm) is extremely waterproof, adapts to swing movements and impresses with its extremely low-noise material. The highlight: The stretchy and comfortable fabric keeps you warm even in icy temperatures. There are rain pants (279 euros) and chinos (219 euros) in various lengths to match the jacket.

Price: 339 euros

Glenmuir – Gentlemen


Strong in storms: The mid-layer Arran by Glenmuir can also be worn as a windbreaker sweater, as the high-quality and patented Storm-Block material is windproof and water-repellent. Available in various colors.

Price: 149 euros

Golfino – women

Fine mesh

With the new winter collection, Golfino sets accents in the knitting area. The women's sweater from the Silver Touch line is an ideal companion in the cold winter air. The noble material with an angora blend should optimally store body heat and create a comfortable fit.

Price: 114.95 euros

Hugo Boss – Gentlemen

Troyer for the round

With this stylish troyer, Boss is bringing a sweater with color-block details in a mouliné look onto the market. The straight cut men's top with a troyer collar is knitted from a cotton mix that promises optimum comfort. Contrasting tapes and a logo embroidery on the front and back underline the sporty look.

Price: 199.95 euros

Lacoste – gentlemen

French elegance

Lacoste combines traditional sporty functionality with urban designs in its golf clothing. The light quilted jackets and vests with synthetic filling are made of water-repellent ripstop and equipped with a stand-up collar and protective hood. Of course, the iconic crocodile on the chest is not missing either.

Prices: 199.95 euros (jacket), 159.95 (vest)

Peter Millar – Gentlemen

Stylish look

The Hyperlight Weld sweater is made from a four-way stretch performance fabric that offers optimal freedom of movement. The material of the upper chest area is wind and water repellent, with slim, reflective piping accents on the middle chest. The model is equipped with a quarter zip and two adjustable drawstrings.

Price: approx. 150 euros

Stay mobile

The outside of the Fuse vest has a highly wind- and water-repellent front section, while the insulation on the inside provides additional warmth. The back is equipped with a four-way stretch fabric for additional mobility. A welded breast pocket, a two-way zipper on the front and handbags support the design.

Price: approx. 133 euros

Sun Mountain – Men

Optimal freedom of movement

The Colter models combine insulated body panels with flexible side panels made of four-way stretch for optimal freedom of movement. The »37.5 insulation« used is a synthetic fiber that is characterized by the fact that it absorbs body heat and conducts moisture to the outside. This maintains the ideal body temperature for athletic performance and comfort over a wide range of outside temperatures. The jacket with hood and full zip has two handwarmer pockets and a zip collar with chin protection. The light vest has an inside breast pocket, which also serves as a pack sack.

Price: approx. 126 euros (jacket), approx. 101 euros (vest)

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