WHS, Masters and Corona: The most popular Golf Post Premium articles of the year

There is something for everyone at Golf Post Premium. (Photo: Getty)

Golf Post Premium has only been available since April 2020 and golf fans can already fall back on a wide range of series, reports and videos. In addition to thoroughly prepared background reports, interviews and comments, there are over 100 video productions that provide users with even more golf. You can see the most popular premium articles of the year here.

Everyone is talking about the World Handicap System

The World Handicap System will apply from 2021 and everything you need to know about it, Golf Post readers could read in the exclusive premium series. While the basic information about the new handicap was of course also available without Golf Post Premium, the series included more in-depth information, interviews and other background information.

What the “World Handicap System” is and how it works

Play a round in Augusta

In November the US Masters was finally on the program. The interest in the prestigious tournament is immense worldwide and our premium members were also happy about the special content on the legendary major. Who wouldn't want to take a spin at the Augusta National Golf Club? Premium members read how to do this here:

Augusta National Golf Club: How to play a round at the world's most exclusive golf club

Augusta National: conflict between design and ecology

Even if no one would be asked twice to play at the Augusta National Golf Club, not all that glitters is gold there either. The magnificent azaleas and perfectly manicured fairways are anything but natural and that also calls critics on the scene.

US Masters 2020: The Augusta National Golf Club in the conflict between design and ecology

Bryson DeChambeau and the Masters

When it came to pitch and golf, the name Bryson DeChambeau was always mentioned this year. The main topic after the first lockdown was still relevant for the majors in summer and autumn. In Georgia in particular, people were afraid that the 'Hulk' could use its drives to dismantle the venerable Augusta National. Michael F. Basche analyzed the muscle man's game plan in the run-up to the Masters:

US Masters 2020: “Disassembled” Bryson DeChambeau Augusta National? Everything looks like it

Masters without patrons – a bitter blow

The thirst for Masters content was far from quenched for premium readers. A popular article dealt with the Patrons, the viewers at the Masters. Without these, there was not only an eerie silence at the tournament, their absence also nibbled on the economy of the small town of Augusta – understandable, since many jobs are attached to the tournament.

Masters without patrons is a bitter blow to the office of the city of Augusta

DJ and the lecture by father-in-law Gretzky

Dustin Johnson was finally able to gift himself with the Green Jacket. After his great victory at the US Masters 2020, tears rolled down at the award ceremony even for the DJ, who was always calm. His father-in-law Wayne Gretzky probably had a share in the victory. The ice hockey legend took the former party animal to his chest – it probably helped. Here again for those interested:

“DJ”: The lecture by ice hockey titan Wayne Gretzky is still effective today

Inseparable: Bernhard Langer and the Masters

Bernhard Langer played the US Masters for the fabulous 37th time. As we now know, 'Mr. Consistency 'once again great and amazed the sports world with its 29th place, ahead of shooting stars like DeChambeau and Finau. That Bernhard Langer traveled to the Masters in top form can be confidently answered in the affirmative:

35 years after the first victory: Bernhard Langer travels to the US Masters in top form

Golf growing despite Corona

The corona pandemic also hit the golf industry in the spring. When it comes to the number of rounds played and membership growth, however, golf is the winner of the crisis. Michael F. Basche has analyzed the situation for you:

Golf and the corona pandemic – the game is growing worldwide due to the crisis

Martin Kaymer's season final spurt

In the end, Martin Kaymer was unable to clinch a win of the season, but he still played good golf. The premium readers naturally also wanted to know how Germany's best golfer is doing.

Final spurt for Martin Kaymer: victory as a reward for a good season?

That’s them, the most popular premium items. Of course, the selection does not reflect the full range of Golf Post Premium. It's best to just stop by, there is something for every golfer among the numerous series.

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